• Mazak Tube Laser

    Wooten Metal is equipped with a 26-foot Mazak five-axis tube laser, allowing us to precisely cut round or square tube up to 6 inches in diameter. The five-axis laser gives us the ability to make straight cuts as well as angled cuts for countersinking and custom fitting, all with one machine. Our tube laser shortens production time and maintains precision and accuracy during manufacturing.

  • Trumpf TruLaser 3530

    Trumpf is one of the most trusted names in precision metal manufacturing equipment, combining innovative technology with superior precision. Using the finest equipment allows us to execute laser-based production processes with extreme accuracy.

  • Trumpf TruMatic L-6030

    Wooten Metal recently added a Trumpf TruMatic L-6030 flatbed laser to our arsenal of precision metal equipment. This 84-inch by 246-inch, 4,000-watt laser, gives us large-run and large-scale metal manufacturing capabilities. With the ability to cut 1-inch thick steel plate, this flatbed laser allows us to maximize efficiency and production time for large-scale manufacturing projects.

  • Dual Head Water Jet

    Our dual-head abrasive water jet can cut any material up to 6 inches thick and 6 feet by 12 feet, allowing us to go beyond metal fabrication and manufacturing. If you are planning an architectural, sculptural or decorative project using mixed materials such as stone, glass, metal and wood, we can implement your design.

  • Trumpf TruBend 5230

    Our 230-ton Trumpf TruBend 5230 press brake provides outstanding productivity, from programming and tool setup to bending operations. Dynamic axis positioning allows us to bend complex and precise angles to your specifications, so we can deliver projects with precision and accuracy.

  • Trumpf TrumaBend V85S 8-Axis

    The addition of our 93-ton Trumpf TrumaBend V85S hydraulic press brake gives us the ability to manufacture smaller precision parts and pieces without interfering with the large-scale manufacturing taking place on our TruBend 5230. This 8-axis, CNC press brake allows us serve a large variety of customers, and gives Wooten Metal a broad range of metal manufacturing and fabrication capabilities.

  • Romer Coordinate Measuring System

    When metal manufacturing requires extreme accuracy, such as for aircraft or automotive parts, we use a Romer Coordinate Measuring System to conduct first article inspections, measure for accuracy, and ensure that products are precisely manufactured. Our in-house 3-D CAD artists offer support for technicians and metal fabricators to help bring detailed and accurate products and ideas to life.

  • Speed & Efficiency

    Wooten Metal saves our clients time and money by handling metal fabrication and manufacturing projects from start to finish. We turn projects around quickly and accurately, and our years of experience and expertise allow us to identify potential problems before they arise. Our designers and fabricators have the knowledge and proficiency to solve complex issues with few delays, and an assortment of state-of-the-art equipment gives us the ability to quickly manufacture precision products and deliver projects on time.

  • Industrial Design

    Our industrial design team leans on years of experience to identify potential design problems, saving our clients from unforeseen issues before moving into manufacturing and fabrication. At times, we see designs that may be physically impossible to build or may be too costly to produce compared to what the product will bring in the market. We work with clients to determine the most cost-effective and efficient design solutions, leading to better products while saving time and money.

  • Precision Metal Manufacturing

    Precision metal manufacturing lies at the core of Wooten Metal. Our highly skilled technicians are experienced and cross-trained experts in using some of the best equipment available. Our combination of state-of-the-art equipment and a highly tenured team environment allow us to manufacture products, parts and pieces with extreme precision for any industry.